Investment Approach

  • Our investment theme is in Southeast Asia.

    Primarily Vietnam and Indonesia, or global business models with interest in the region.

  • We seek top talent & teams.

    Top founders and team cohesion with fast product reiteration.

  • Sector focus.

    AI, Data Analytics, Commerce Enablers, AR/VR, Fintech and Platform Plays.

  • We focus on early stage companies.

    From Seed to Series A, with a committed follow-on strategy.

  • We emphasize B2B companies.

    Fast validation of business models or select B2C based on unique models and experienced founders.

  • Strong exit profiles.

    Early revenue growth, core strength in people and tech with attractive exit prospects.

Our Edge

  • Top Investment Network.

    20 + years of APAC connections with great access to co-investment networks & strategic investor networks.

  • The Google Network.

    Connections with top entrepreneurs and investors from the ex-Google network. Both global and Southeast Asia.

  • Domain Expertise.

    Deep experiences in technology and financial markets. (Google, Yahoo, DFJ, Deutsche Bank, Barclays).

  • Strategic Support.

    Leverage corporate networks & experience to support growth. Support in recruiting top talent through network.

  • Exit Focus.

    Insights & mentoring for exit strategies, with guidance on developing core strength. Access to top acquirers.